“Swiss producer Lubin Beta thrills us again with his new release “Summer Rain” where he embodies the euphoria and warmth of summer rain. The smooth textures are pronounced and have a nostalgic feel with their lush guitars and melodic arrangement.” The Word Is Bond (Music Blog)

I created “Summer Rain” for some relaxed downtime during a warm summer rain. I wrote two themes to represent a range of emotions: an uplifting bright guitar theme followed by a slightly more introverted and nostalgic piano melody. The focus (besides the drums) are the guitar performances and the textures I’m trying to create with them. I used a Fender telecaster for the main theme, a warm acoustic nylon string for fills and answers and a vintage Rickenbacker lapsteel for the emotional slides.

With “Swing” Lubin Beta is blending the hypnotic repetition of Hip Hop with the always changing variations of Jazz in a chilled out beat. The jazzy harmonic turn-around is woven into an original composition with many harmonic variations and is played live with constant little changes and surprises.

Guitar, upright bass, vibes, saxes & clarinet are all performed by the artist. Their love for recording real instruments through real analog circuitry is on full aural display here! 🙂

The beat is all about different feelings of swing that rub, grind, groove and flow with each other throughout the song.

Lubin Beta is a Swiss beatmaker, lo-fi lover and jazz junkie who loves to record real instruments through real analog circuitry. His latest release “Sandra” is a happy chilled hip hop beat blending influences from jazz and latin american rhythms. — I love blending different genres with hip hop. With “Sandra” I mixed flavors of bossa, samba and jazz over a chilled out beat. As always, I took pride and pleasure in recording real instruments such as acoustic guitar, flutes, voices, keyboards, bass guitar and a bunch of hand percussion to create the mellow and happy soundscape of “Sandra”.